ICT in the workplace

Computers and internet access have transformed the way many people work:

  • businesses rarely produce written letters or reports or use typewriters any more
  • documents are more likely to be sent by email than by post or fax
  • employees with laptops or smartphones can work from home or while they travel
Home office environment

There are positives to an employee having a computer, especially one with internet access:

  • use of email and instant messenger to interact with colleagues and clients
  • access a host of information online to help with research-related tasks

But there are negatives too. The internet is full of distractions and employees may prefer to play games, browse and update social networking sites or reply to personal emails and instant messages than to get on with their work.

Employers are aware of this and often block access to certain websites. These restrictions may be relaxed during lunchtime or outside of working hours.