Getting started

Déan cuntas go dtí a deich


Can you count to ten? Déan cuntas go dtí a deich.

a náid - zero
a haon - one
a dó - two
a trí - three
a ceathair - four
a cúig - five
a sé - six
a seacht - seven
a hocht - eight
a naoi - nine
a deich - ten

Important to remember

Instead of , we use dhá for the number two when followed by a noun, for example:

  • two tables - dhá thábla

Instead of ceathair, we use ceithre for the number four when followed by a noun, for example:

  • four tables - ceithre thábla

To count from 11 to 19, we simply add déag after the first number.

a haon déageleven
a dó dhéagtwelve
a trí deagthirteen
a ceathair déagfourteen
a cúig déagfifteen
a sé déagsixteen
a seacht déagseventeen
a hocht déageighteen
a naoi déagnineteen
Did you notice that number twelve is slightly different? It takes dhéag instead of déag.