Health and safety

To ensure that customers enjoy their hospitality experience, they must feel safe. Employees must also feel protected so they can carry out their job efficiently. There are a number of laws that protect all parties.

Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

This covers all aspects of health and safety at work. All employers must provide safe working areas and all employees must take care of their own health and safety and not endanger others.

Legal responsibility of employersLegal responsibility of employees
  • Responsible for health and safety of employees
  • Provide adequate working space
  • Provide safe areas of work
  • Provide supervision, instruction and training of staff
  • Safety and maintenance of machinery and tools
  • Good ventilation, lighting and temperature control
  • Easy evacuation and good exit routes
  • Safety policy document
  • Risk assessment
  • Take reasonable care of their own health and safety
  • Take reasonable care of other people’s health and safety
  • Not to misuse equipment, machinery or premises
  • To make sure that other people are not put in danger because of their actions
  • Comply with safety rules and practices that go with the job they are doing
  • Report all fire and safety hazards to their immediate boss
  • Wear any protective clothing as instructed
  • Report all injuries and dangerous incidents

The Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) role is to protect people’s health and safety by ensuring risks are minimised. They have the authority to visit any premise when they see fit and impose sanctions if necessary.