Using maps in association with photographs and field sketches

A rough sketch of a valley landscape, with mountains, forest, farm house, river, river cliff and rapids visible.Field sketch

In addition to an OS map, mapping questions include supplementary sources of information. As well as graphs and tables of data, you can also be presented with photographs and/or sketches. You should be prepared to link these to map evidence and use your knowledge and understanding to interpret all the information provided.

Cross sections/transects and OS maps

You could be asked to study a cross section on the OS map between two points, usually six figure grid references.

To answer this type of question it is useful to use a pencil to draw the cross section line on your OS map. You can then work out each land use as it appears along the line from A to B.

An Ordnance Survey map of Bamford with a straight line marking A to BCrown copyright and database rights 2015 Ordnance Survey 100039117