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Explain the weather conditions experienced at Glasgow and Lyon on 14 November 2020.

Synoptic Chart for 14th November 2010Synoptic chart for 14 November 2020

Look at the same synoptic chart now with some hints added.

Synoptic chart for 14th November 2010 describing weather conditions A synoptic chart featuring a warm front, cold front and isobars

Glasgow’s weather is very unsettled because a depression is passing. As the cold front moves over, thick clouds will bring heavy rain showers. The wind will be strong because the isobars are close together.

Lyon’s weather is settled as it is covered by an anticyclone/ high air pressure. Lyon will be experiencing dry weather as there are no fronts. The wind will be calm/gentle as isobars are far apart. There will be low temperatures because it is a winter anticyclone.

Sometimes a weather map will include weather circles showing the weather at a particular station. By learning these circles you will increase your chances of understanding the chart.

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