League of Nations - Successes and failures in the 1920s

1. Prisoners of war1920The League took home half a million prisoners of war from World War One.Success
2. Aaland Islands1921Sweden and Finland accepted the League's arbitration to give the Aaland Islands to Finland.Success
3. Poland1921The Poles invaded Vilna (the capital of Lithuania). The League ordered Poland to withdraw. Poland refused and the League could do nothingFailure
4. Turkey1922The League set up camps and fed Turkish refugees.Success
5. Corfu1923Mussolini ignored the League's orders to pull out of Corfu, and made Greece pay money to Italy.Failure
6. Disarmament1923 and 1932Disarmament talks failed, because Germany demanded as many weapons as everyone else.Failure
7. Austria1923The League sent economics experts to help Austria when its government went bankrupt.Success
8. Bulgaria1925Greece obeyed the League's orders to pull out of Bulgaria in 1925.Success
9. Slaves1926The League approved the Slavery convention - altogether, the League freed 200,000 slaves.Success
10. Drugs1936After more than ten years of work, 26 League nations signed an international convention to combat the drugs trade - a law that is still in force.Success
11. Disease1920sThe League worked to prevent malaria and leprosy.Success
12. Jobs1920sThe International Labour Organisation failed to persuade countries to adopt a 48-hour week.Failure