The minister / pastor

In some Protestant churches, eg the Presbyterian Church, the leader of the church is called the minister. In other Protestant churches, eg the Baptist Church, the leader of the church is called the pastor.

Preparing for the Sunday service involves communication with all those involved.

The role of a minister

In the Protestant Church the main duties of the minister include:

  • preparing for the Sunday worship service and communicating with those involved, eg the musicians and readers
  • writing the sermon for the Sunday worship service, ie selecting a passage from the Bible and preparing a talk to explain and apply it to people’s lives
  • organising activities throughout the week, eg prayer meetings or bible study groups
  • meeting with the other church leaders, eg elders or deacons, to discuss the direction of the church and planning for its future
  • visiting church members, eg the sick or those who have been bereaved
  • conducting special services or ceremonies, eg baptisms, marriages and funerals