Form and structure

This poem follows a tight AABB rhyme scheme and an iambic tetrameter rhythm. This together with the various uses of repetition give the opening of the poem a lyrical almost nursery-rhyme like quality.

Moreover, the repetition and parallel structures used throughout, such as "rain/rain", "or darkening/or streaming", "before the act, before the lens", "or when" work to mimic the rhythm of the falling rain, which allows the poem to move fluidly to its crescendo. The use of enjambement between several of the stanzas also add to this sense of continuity and pace.

The illusory world of cinema is exposed and merges with the world of reality in stanzas five and six. Paterson then uses italics to bring in an almost religious voice to end the poem.

These lines are the last in the poem and in the collection, which already gives them emphasis, so the italics add a certain flamboyancy.

The final line is detached from the others. This gives it further emphasis and ends the collection on an ambiguous note.