What does this mean in practice?

Everyone is equally valued as a member of Allah's global community, so all Muslims have a duty to help those who are less fortunate than themselves. This is a duty for all Muslims as stewards of Allah's creation. Religious duties are also closely linked with ideas of social justice. By helping others, an individual lives a just life and will be rewarded by Allah on the Day of Judgement. The Qur’an teaches:

Be steadfast in your prayer and regular in charity and whatever good you send forth for your souls before you, you shall find with Allah, for Allah sees well all that you doQur'an 2:110

The Qur'an teaches that Muslims should refrain from charging interest when lending money. They believe money should instead be reinvested into society. Many Muslims believe that the huge amount of debt created by MEDCs against LEDCs is unfair:

You use your agreements in order to snatch advantages over one another, just because one nation may be more prosperous than another nation.Qur'an 16:92


In Islam, a great deal of importance is placed on giving time or money to charity. Sadaqah refers to any good deed which is done for others, for example making a financial donation to another Muslim or non-Muslim, giving one's time to help someone, or praying for someone in need.

Zakah is, however, a duty and is the third Pillar of Islam. Zakah requires all Muslims to give one-fortieth of their wealth to charity. Many Muslims believe zakah not only helps those who receive the money but also purifies the wealth of the person who gives it. Other sums of money are donated at the end of Ramadan (Zakah-al-Fitr) to those in need of urgent help.

Muslim Aid is a charity that works in LEDCs to help relieve poverty. Although the majority of people who benefit are Muslim, the charity helps those most in need, regardless of their religion. The charity works across the world responding to emergency situations.

Muslim Aid also invests in sustainable development providing education, skills, clean water and health care.

Voluntary Service

The willingness to give time to help others is seen as a good example of sadaqah in Islam.

Islamic Help is an organisation, based on Muslim values, which enables Muslim volunteers to work in countries where people are suffering from extreme poverty. In their work, volunteers distribute food packs and cooked food.

Muslim Hands is an organisation that encourages Muslims to volunteer in the UK to raise funds for people all over the world. Its 2012 project 'Food4kids' encouraged people to raise funds and help feed children suffering from malnutrition.