Lines 20 - 27

Lines 20-22

The power of the group is demonstrated again through word choice where the dark parts of life that have troubled us throughout the year, personified as Monsters become blank and are scattered, forced to retreat by the strength of group’s goodwill.

This metaphor of an army in battle is extended in the description of the group as a march of three, with its clear connotations of the military.

Lines 23-27

The sentence structure of the final line yields an observation of the lasting legacy of the group. Though they have gone, their positive spirit remains. Morgan’s use of parenthesis reveals the speaker’s understanding of the positive impact of the trio. It shows that, despite their departure, the group have left an impression.

The conflict between happiness and despair, touched upon earlier in the poem is continued in this final line. Morgan uses a simile, comparing the happy sounds of the group to a sentinel which protects against sadness. We hear of laughter ringing round them like a guard. Joy becomes a protector, keeping negative feelings at bay.

This is an optimistic message, suggesting that the trio of people and their items symbolise hope.