Information on developing countries

In developing countries like India death rates have also decreased but birth rates have remained extremely high.

Birth rates are high because:

  • Children are needed to work and bring in an income for the family.
  • Children are required to look after elderly parents because of a lack of pensions.
  • Lack of availability and knowledge of contraception and family planning.
  • High infant mortality rates, so parents have more children in the hope that some survive.
  • Religious beliefs – certain religions encourage large families.
  • In some developing countries, children can be viewed as a status sign for men.

Death rates are fairly high because of:

  • Lack of food caused by famine.
  • Poor sanitation and lack of clean drinking water.
  • Natural disasters destroying crops.
  • High levels of disease, eg malaria.
  • Lack of doctors, medicines and healthcare.
  • War, eg Afghanistan.

As birth rates are higher than death rates there is rapid population growth in developing countries.

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