Mary’s involvement in Catholic plots

Elizabeth was aware that many English Catholics wanted to have her killed. Elizabeth knew that there were plots to kill her to allow Mary to become Queen of England.

Mary was implicated in a number of plans against Elizabeth.

The Ridolfi plot 1571

This plan was to kill Elizabeth and replace her with Mary as Queen.

The Duke of Norfolk was implicated and there were rumours of help from Spanish troops.

The Throckmorton plot 1583

Like the Ridolfi plot, the Throckmorton plot planned the murder of Elizabeth and her replacement by Mary.

The Parry plot 1585

In 1585, yet another plot to assassinate Queen Elizabeth was uncovered. William Parry had been working as a double agent for both the English Queen and Mary, Queen of Scots.

The Babington plot 1586

A year later, an English Catholic nobleman plotted to restore the Roman Catholic religion by placing Mary on the English throne. Anthony Babington had made Mary aware of his plans to kill Elizabeth and help Mary escape.

Mary wrote letters in reply to Babington. However these letters, were found by the Queen's spy, Sir Frances Walsingham.

Elizabeth now had evidence that Mary was plotting against her.

Siobhon Redmond describes some of the plots against Elizabeth in the video below.