An Inspector Calls - Characters overview

An Inspector Calls has six main characters. The Birling family are Arthur, Sybil, Eric and Sheila. Gerald Croft, Sheila's fiancé, joins the Birlings for dinner. Inspector Goole arrives to conduct his investigation.

This investigation focuses on the death of Eva Smith, who changes her name to Daisy Renton. She is significant but we never actually meet her.

The Birlings' maid, Edna, may seem insignificant but she serves as a reminder of the Birlings’ wealth and the presence of the lower classes. She also introduces the Inspector and provides insight into the life of Eva Smith since they come from a similar background.

Main characters

  • Mr Arthur Birling
  • Mrs Sybil Birling
  • Sheila Birling
  • Eric Birling
  • Gerald Croft
  • Inspector Goole

Secondary characters

  • Eva Smith/Daisy Renton

Minor characters

  • Edna - the Birlings' maid