Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King giving his 'I Have a Dream' speech

To communicate well you need to select and organise appropriate ideas. You must also make effective use of spoken language and appropriate techniques.

You can improve your talking skills by watching and listening to others. For example, by watching discussion programmes on television or listening to the radio. Notice how speakers communicate their ideas and how well they take account of the views of others.

Alternatively you could look at clips of well-known speeches or explore websites like TED Talks. Think about what makes the speeches engaging and interesting.

You can also improve your discussion and presentation skills through preparation. Practise discussion and presentation skills by making notes rather than writing out your ideas. Use your notes as a starting point and then explain them in more detail. Always prepare by researching and thinking about the topic in advance.

Rehearse what you want to say by speaking out loud in front of the mirror, to a willing volunteer, or record yourself speaking and then listen back.