Where next?

How significant was the war in the history of Great Britain? How significant was it in the history of the world? What did the war change?

Think about:

  • What changed in Britain after the war: the welfare state, the increase in immigration from the countries which supported Britain in the war.
  • The revelations that came out afterwards about Hitler and the Nazis and their attempts to eradicate Jewish people from Europe. This is known as the Holocaust. Think about what message this sends to people who study it in history.
  • Democracy and its popularity in the western world. Does the fact dictatorships still exist mean that something similar to WW2 could happen again?

WW2 took place on a global scale. You may wish to compare the WW2 to other major wars, such as the World War One. You may also wish to look at the section on Conflict through time and the UK.

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