Box-linking and key word selection questions

Foundation tier papers may include questions in which you have to complete a sentence, or draw lines to match correct options.

In both cases, some of the options given are incorrect - examiners call these 'distractors' - and you should avoid selecting these.

When selecting a key word make sure you only use words from the given list. When you answer a line matching question, use straight lines rather than complex wavy lines. Do not draw more lines than necessary to answer the question.

Questions courtesy of Eduqas.

Sample question 1 - Foundation


Iron is extracted in the blast furnace. Iron ore, limestone, coke and hot air are the raw materials.

Draw a line to link the raw material to its use in the blast furnace. [3 marks]

Four raw materials and their uses
Four raw materials linked to their uses

Sample question 2 - Foundation


Aluminium is extracted from molten aluminium oxide by electrolysis.

Complete the following electrode equations.

a) At the cathode: ______ + 3e- → Al [1 mark]

b) At the anode: 2O2- - ______ → O2 [1 mark]

a) At the cathode: Al3+ + 3e- → Al [1]

b) At the anode: 2O2- - 4e- → O2 [1]