Useful phrases

The detached, impersonal tone can be very useful for certain pieces of writing. The phrase 'it is often argued' is a useful one. Here are a few more:

  • 'it seems likely that...'
  • 'many people believe...'
  • 'some argue that...'
  • 'it is sometimes stated that...'
  • 'there is evidence to suggest...'
  • could
  • might
  • can
  • if
  • perhaps


Try to rewrite the sentences below so that they are fairer, more reasonable and detached. You can use some of the phrases and words above, and you can add your own details too - but try to keep the basic idea without losing your objectivity.

  1. Fast food is bad for our health and should carry health warnings.
  2. Walking more frequently and for greater distances would help children's health.
  3. Smoking should be banned in public places.
  4. Beaches are the best places to go on holiday.
  5. Four-wheel drive cars are the only way to travel - they are brilliant.
  6. Learning languages at school is a waste of time because you'll never get to use them.

Writing to analyse isn't difficult, but it needs practice and thought.

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