Chapters 25 to 27 - Bob Ewell continues to make angry threats

Scout is remembering what Dill told her about the moment Helen Robinson discovered her husband was dead. Dill and Jem were in the car when Atticus told her and she fainted, Just fell down in the dirt, like a giant with a big foot just came along and stepped on her.

Bob Ewell continues to make threats against the Finch family and Judge Taylor’s home is broken into. Helen Robinson is also threatened by Bob Ewell but he is later frightened away by store keeper Mr Link Deas.

The school decides to celebrate Halloween by holding a pageant in the auditorium. Scout is to appear as a piece of cured ham.

Chapters 28 to 31 - Scout meets Boo Radley

When Jem and Scout are on their way home from the pageant Scout is still wearing her costume, making it a little difficult for her to walk, especially as she has left her shoes behind. Jem becomes convinced someone is following them. Suddenly they are attacked and Jem is forced to the ground. In the darkness Scout finds it difficult to see what is going on, knowing only that someone appears to have stopped their attacker. She spots someone carrying Jem towards her house and follows them, arriving home safely. Jem is put to bed with a broken arm and their attacker is revealed when Bob Ewell is found dead by the sheriff Heck Tate, a knife through his ribs. Scout is amazed to discover that the man who rescued her and carried Jem back to the house is Boo Radley. Atticus tells her that Boo’s real name is Arthur.

Even though Atticus believes it is Jem who has accidently killed Bob Ewell, he is determined that the cause of Ewell’s death must not be hushed up. But Heck Tate, who realises it was actually Boo, insists that everyone will be told that Bob Ewell fell on his knife. Atticus is forced to agree knowing that Boo could never cope with the publicity that would follow. Scout helps Boo back to his home and the reader is told that she never sees him again. The novel ends with Atticus sitting in Jem’s room waiting for him to wake the following morning, He would be there all night, and he would be there when Jem waked up in the morning.

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