Chatting with friends about going to a party

Many people like to socialise at parties. However, before going, you may need to discuss specific details with friends, such as who’s going, the time of the party, where you will meet, what you will wear etc.

If you’ve been invited to a party, you could send a text to find out whether your friend is going, eg:

A mobile phone displaying a text message

How would you respond to this text? Write a positive and negative answer on a piece of paper and compare your ideas with the examples below.

Here are some possible answers:

Ydw, dw i’n mynd i’r parti heno. Hoffwn i gael lifft – diolch. – Yes, I’m going to the party tonight. I would like to have a lift – thanks.

Nac ydw, dw i ddim yn mynd i’r parti heno ond diolch am gynnig lifft. – No, I’m not going to the party tonight but thanks for offering a lift.

If you wanted to discuss whether other people are going, you would ask:


Ydy Dylan yn mynd? – Is Dylan going?


  • Ydy, mae Dylan yn mynd. – Yes, Dylan is going.
  • Nac ydy, dydy Dylan ddim yn mynd. – No, Dylan isn’t going.


Fydd Alice yno? – Will Alice be there?


  • Bydd, bydd Alice yno. – Yes, Alice will be there
  • Na fydd, fydd Alice ddim yno. – No, Alice will not be there.

Look at Various tenses for more information on the future tense.

You may want to discuss what to wear at the party:


  • Beth wyt ti’n wisgo? - What are you wearing?


  • Dw i’n gwisgo... – I’m wearing...


  • Beth wyt ti’n mynd i wisgo? – What are you going to wear?


  • Dw i’n mynd i wisgo... – I’m going to wear...


  • Beth fyddi di’n wisgo? – What will you be wearing?


  • Bydda i’n gwisgo... – I’ll be wearing...

Below are items of clothing you could wear to a party:

  • trowsus
  • jîns
  • ffrog
  • crys
  • siwmper
  • blows
  • sgert
  • siaced

Match the Welsh words with these images.

A: Blue frock, B: Black trousers, C: Green jacket, Ch: Striped jumper, D: Blue jeans, Dd: Purple shirt, E: Pink blouse, F: Grey skirt.
  • trowsus - B
  • jîns - D
  • ffrog - A
  • crys - Dd
  • siwmper - Ch
  • blows - E
  • sgert - F
  • siaced - C

Listen to Alice and Erin discussing a forthcoming party:

What will both girls be wearing?

Erin: jîns du, crys porffor ac esgidiau porffor – black jeans, a purple shirt and purple shoes

Alice: ffrog las, siaced goch a het borffor – a blue dress, a red jacket and a purple hat

The nouns het, siwmper, sgert, ffrog and siaced are all feminine singular and therefore adjectives that follow these nouns will undergo a soft mutation, eg: ffrog las, siaced goch, het borffor.

Listen once again to the conversation, only this time focus on where they will meet – cyfarfod.

Where will they meet?

Tu allan i’r banc.

The Welsh word for to meet is cyfarfod or you could also use cwrdd.