History and recent developments

Comparison of an office from 1990 and 2013
  • Until the mid-90s it was not possible to shop online. The closest alternative was shopping by phone.
  • The same was true for banking and all the host of Government and other services which now exist online.
  • Email was not widely used and instant messenger did not exist.
  • Instead of mobile phones there was a trend for CB (Citizen's Band) radio.
  • Documents could not be sent as email attachments and were faxed instead (a paper document is digitised, sent down a phone line, and then printed at the other end).
  • The need to travel for essential services, eg banking, was far greater for those who lived outside town.

Recent developments

Today, customers expect even the smallest of businesses to have a professional, informative website. Businesses that have failed to embrace the advancement of communications and ICT have put themselves at a disadvantage.

It is now common for adverts to include a web address in addition to, or even instead of a phone number.