Valerie walking her dog, holding  pocket money. Icons showing her pastimes and chores

You download a podcast about French people and how they spend their free time. Listen to what Valérie has to say and answer the questions which follow.


Why doesn't Valérie do a lot of free time activities during the week?

She has too much homework as she says j'ai toujours trop de devoirs à faire.


How often does she do sport?

She does sport once a week as she says j'essaie de faire du sport au moins une fois par semaine.


What does she do at the weekend?

She goes shopping at the weekend because she says j'adore faire du shopping avec mes amis les samedis.


Why does she have to do household chores?

She has to do household chores to earn money as she doesn't have a part-time job. She says je n'ai pas de petit boulot.


What household chores does she do after school?

She She has to empty the dishwasher and vacuum as she says Vider le lave-vaisselle...passer l'aspirateur.


Why does she think all the work is worth it?

She thinks all the work is worth it because she earns 40 euros a week, as she says je gagne quarante euros par semaine.