The influence of Jazz culture

The Jazz clubs played a crucial role in allowing the flappers to express themselves. This is where they could smoke and dance. They also drank illegal alcohol in the speakeasies.

Instead of dancing the waltz that was popular in the period before the war, people started to enjoy more daring dances such as the Shimmy and the Bunny Hug.

Petting parties began where the flappers would kiss men in public.

The flappers had their own slang. I have to go see a man about a dog was slang for going to buy whiskey, and a 'handcuff' or 'manacle' was an engagement or wedding ring.

A number of the flappers' terms are still used today, eg 'big cheese' for an important person, 'bump off' for killing someone and 'hooch' for alcohol.

But not every girl enjoyed the flappers' way of life. Poor women could not afford the new fashions and they didn't have the time to go out and enjoy social events. Black women could not benefit from the changing lifestyle either.

Women in the Bible Belt did not adopt the new way of life. Also, many older women were outraged and some formed the Anti-Flirt Club.

It was the young and rich women who enjoyed the new way of life. Older people and religious people rejected the changes, and the poor people could not afford them.
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