Vocal range

Here are the main vocal ranges from highest to lowest.

VoiceDescriptionFamous examples
TrebleA boy’s high unbroken voice, sometimes referred to as a boy sopranoAled Jones singing Walking in the Air
SopranoA high female voiceRenee Fleming, Maria Callas, Björk
Mezzo sopranoA medium high female voiceCecilia Bartoli, Katherine Jenkins, Beyoncé
Counter-tenorMale alto or soprano, sometimes described as falsettoAndreas Scholl, Justin Hawkins of The Darkness
Alto (contralto)A high male or low female voiceJanet Baker, Kathleen Ferrier
TenorA high male voicePavarotti, Placido Domingo, Jeff Buckley
BaritoneA medium male voiceBryn Terfel, Elvis Presley
BassThe lowest male voiceWillard White, Paul Robeson, Barry White