The badminton forehand clear

The forehand clear shot enables players to move their opponent to the back of the court. This will create space in the mid and front court to exploit and provide time for the player to return to their base position.

Stage one

  • As the shuttlecock is returned, stand in position on the balls of your feet, with knees slightly bent.
  • Turn sideways with your left foot pointing towards the target and your right foot parallel to the baseline.
  • The left shoulder and fully extended elbow will be pointing towards the shuttlecock.
  • The racket elbow should be extended backwards behind the head at 90ᵒ with the face of the racket above head height.
  • Transfer weight onto the back foot.

Stage two

  • Keep your eyes on the shuttlecock.
  • Flex your wrist and elbow backward until the racket is parallel with the floor.
  • Rotate your body and step forward towards the shuttle with your racket leg, transferring your weight through the shot.
  • Extend your racket elbow upwards into a throwing position.

Stage three

  • Keep your eyes on the shuttlecock.
  • Extend your racket elbow quickly towards the shuttlecock, with the non-racket arm rotating backwards.
  • Make contact with the shuttlecock as high as possible in front of your body.
  • Extend your elbow and flex your wrist on contact, to allow for a 'whip' action.
  • Drive the shuttlecock with a high trajectory towards the back of the court.

Stage four

  • Your body should have fully rotated with your racket foot now bearing all the weight and facing towards the target.
  • The racket will follow through finishing to the left hand side of your body.
  • Return back to ready position for the next shot.