Limits on human rights

Your human rights are balanced by your responsibility to consider other people’s human rights and to obey the law.

In some cases, it is necessary to limit the human rights of some individuals to protect others in society.

An example is security cameras, which many see as a violation of our right to privacy. Others say that this is a necessary limit on human rights to ensure that the public is protected from crime.

Convicted criminals have limits on their human rights. Their freedom of movement may be reduced through curfews or prison sentences.

Their communication with others may be read or listened to while they are under a sentence. This is to protect society at large.

Our responsibilities

We all have human rights. To ensure that we can all enjoy them, we must be aware of our responsibility to protect the human rights of others.

If we violate someone else’s human rights, we may face charges, fines, or prison.

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