Working with reverse percentages test questions


A coat costs £48.75 in a sale which is giving 25% off the original cost.

What was the original cost of the coat?


A house costs £102,600 after an 8% increase in house prices.

What was the original cost of the house?


The cost of a kettle is £30 (including VAT).

If VAT is calculated at 20%, what is the price of the kettle without VAT?


A washing machine sells for £240, after a discount of 20% on its original price. Find the original price.


The price of a bicycle increases by 10% to £198. Find the price before the increase.


A packet of washing powder is advertised as having '20% extra powder'. If it contains 1.32kg. What would the original pack contain?


A shop sells 300 radios in a year. If this is a 50% increase on sales the previous year, how many radios were sold the year before?


A new car falls in value by 25% in a year. After a year, it's worth £9,600. Find the price of the car when it was new.


A television is on sale at a 10% reduction. It now costs £270. What did the television cost originally?


A takeaway pizza costs £7.50. This includes VAT at 20%. How much is paid in VAT?