Tourist destinations

When planning a trip, you need to understand vocabulary and phrases related to tourist information.

Hilfsvokabeln– Helpful vocabulary

  • die Art (Arten) (f) – sort (sorts)
  • bekannt (adj) – known
  • das Boot (Boote) (nt) – boat (boats)
  • die Gurke (Gurken) (f) – cucumber, gherkin (cucumbers, gherkins)
  • die Handwerk (f) – craftwork
  • die Heimat (f) – homeland, birthplace
  • das Heimatfest (nt) – festival of local folklore
  • im Norden – in the north
  • im Süden – in the south
  • im Osten – in the east
  • im Westen – in the west
  • der Kahn (Kähne) (m) – barge (barges)
  • das Kanu (Kanus) (nt) – canoe (canoes)
  • der Käse (m) – cheese
  • die Kulturveranstaltung (Kulturveranstaltungen) (f) – cultural event (cultural events)
  • das Land (Länder) (nt) – country or state (countries or states)
  • die Landschaft (Landschaften) (f) – landscape, scenery
  • die Pflanze (Pflanzen) (f) – plant (plants)
  • die Radtour (Radtouren) (f) – bike trip (bike trips)
  • die Rundtour (Rundtouren) (f) – round trip (round trips)
  • das Tier (Tiere) (nt) – animal (animals)
  • die Tier-und Pflanzenarten (pl) – types of animals and plants
  • wandern (v) – to hike
  • der Wasserweg (Wasserwege) (m) – waterway (waterways)
  • zahlreich (adj) – numerous

Have a look at this tourist leaflet about an area in Germany known as der Spreewald:

A tourism leaflet about holidaying in the Spreewald area of Germany.

Match the relevant words in the tourist leaflet to the following bullets:

  • wo
  • Landschaft
  • regionale Spezialität
  • für Naturfreunde
  • für Sportfreunde
  • für Kulturfans


  • im Land Brandenburg – in Brandenburg state
  • 100 Kilometer südostlich von Berlin – 100 km south east of Berlin


  • 970 Kilometer (natürliche) Wasserwege – 970 km (natural) waterways

regionale Spezialitätregional speciality

  • Gurken – gherkins

für Naturfreundefor nature lovers

  • zahlreiche Tier-und Pflanzenarten – numerous types of animals and plants

für Sportfreundefor sport lovers

  • Kahnfahrten – barge trips
  • Kanutouren/Paddelrundtouren im Kanu – canoe trips/paddle yourself canoe trips
  • Radtouren – bike trips
  • Schwimmen – swimming
  • Wandern – hiking

für Kulturfansfor culture lovers

  • Museen – museums
  • Heimatfeste – festivals of local folkore
  • Handwerk – craftwork

Blausee bietet dem Touristen viel an. – Blausee offers a lot to the tourist.

Translate the information below for a leaflet about Blausee – a small lake situated in the canton of Bern in Switzerland.

  • where: in the north
  • landscape: by a lake
  • activities: swimming, boat trips, hiking, bike tours
  • culture: folklore museum
  • regional specialities: cheese
  • wo: im Norden
  • Landschaft: am See
  • Aktivitäten: Schwimmen, Bootsfahrten, Wandern, Radtouren
  • Kultur: Heimatmuseum
  • regionale Spezialitäten: Käse

Did you know?

A woman in traditional dress presents a gherkin from the Spreewald region
A woman from der Spreewald wearing traditional dress

Der Spreewald is an area in the east of Germany, situated mainly along the River Spree. The area begins south-east of Berlin and extends as far as the Polish border near Cottbus.

Its main town is Lübbenau.

Known as der Grüne Venedig – Green Venice – Spreewald is as famous for its waterways as it is for its gherkins – Gurken.

Tourism is the main industry in the area, which has been designated a biosphere reserve by UNESCO.

Many of the 50,000 inhabitants are descendants of the Slavic tribes who first settled there.

They have preserved their traditional tongue, which is related to both Czech and Polish, and officially recognised as a minority language in Germany.

Slavic customs are still observed and many people still wear traditional dress.