Recording ideas

Mindmap showing student research on different types of kaleidoscope
A simple mind map is an effective way to record initial ideas and sources

You should get in the habit of recording each stage of your work and reflecting on it as you go. Look back at what you have achieved and think how this can help your next steps.

When you begin to explore a theme or subject in your work you need to record your first impressions. This can be done by:

  • make drawings, sketches, jottings, photographs or experiments with different media
  • collecting images from sources such as galleries, the internet or books, and then using these to develop your own ideas

As you develop your ideas you need to record your insights in additional sketches or studies. Artists and designers often produce a number of studies and ideas in order to develop their work.

Keep an open mind before you establish direction to your project and try out different ideas on mood boards. You need to experiment with media, techniques and scale to explore different stimulus materials.