Civil War

Lochleven Castle
Mary was held in Lochleven Castle

Mary's marriage to Bothwell was regarded as scandalous and proved central to Mary’s downfall, as Scotland descended into civil war:

  • On 15 June 1567 the Protestant Lords raised arms against Queen Mary and faced her, and Bothwell at Carberry Hill outside Edinburgh.
  • Bothwell was allowed to escape but Mary was taken prisoner and marched to Edinburgh where she was paraded through the streets.
  • Mary was then imprisoned in Lochleven Castle.
  • On 24th July 1567, Mary was forced to abdicate.
  • She also miscarried while in prison.
  • Her son James became King with the Earl of Moray as his regent.
  • On 2nd May 1568, Mary escaped from Lochleven Castle and tried to summon support. She fled west.

However, on the 13th May 1568 she was defeated at the Battle of Langside near Glasgow by forces led by the Earl of Moray. She remained a few more days in Scotland before fleeing to England on the 16th May.

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