Test cases

A test case is an individual set of variables or conditions that is used to see if features of the software work as expected. In the test plan, various test cases may be planned and then tested. When designing test cases, it is a good idea to design some test cases that will check if the software will fail and some that will check if it succeeds.

Use cases

A use case is an individual set of instructions or steps in which the user might use the software. A use case might also feature as part of a test plan.

Test criteria

Each area of the test plan needs criteria so you know if it has failed and why. The conditions for passing or failing each test need to be decided by the tester.

Acceptance criteria

The acceptance test is usually carried out by the intended users of the system, the people who requested or commissioned the software. The purpose of the acceptance test is to check that the system performs exactly as required.

The acceptance criteria should be clearly defined in advance. It is the criteria for which the user decides that the software is acceptable.

Version control

It is really important to keep detailed records of all the tests that have been carried out as well as any changes that have been made after the tests.

A version control system is used to track changes in the development of your software. Sometimes errors can be found in the software later on. The tracking that version control provides enables developers to go back and see what changes were made.