The swimming tumble turn technique

The tumble turn requires the performer to get in and away from the wall in the fastest and most economical way possible. In all freestyle races, competitors will not touch the wall with their hands, but use their legs and feet for maximum speed.

Stage one

  • Swim toward the turning wall.
  • Ensure you breathe on the last stroke before turning.
  • On the last stroke, bring both arms down and next to the hips.
  • Keeping the body straight, hold feet approximately 20 cm under the water surface.

Stage two

  • Bring the arms up and swing over the head whilst brushing the upper arms against the ears.
  • Tuck chin into chest and begin rotating body forward.
  • On complete rotation, push against the wall with the balls of the feet and kick a minimum of four times to generate pace.
  • Complete one full stroke before returning back to breathing pattern.