Detailed plot summary

A fire

During the night, a fire breaks out at Thornfield, nearly killing Rochester as he sleeps. Jane raises the alarm and saves Rochester by putting out the fire. Rochester thanks Jane and leaves her wondering who started the fire. The next morning, Rochester claims it was Grace Poole, his alcoholic servant. However, Jane isn't convinced by Rochester's story and is convinced Grace Poole didn't start the fire, as she hasn't been dismissed by Rochester.

Blanche Ingram

Mrs Fairfax, the housekeeper at Thornfield, announces that Rochester is expecting guests. The household are extremely excited and anxious, as they haven't had guests to the household for years. Preparations get underway to prepare for the party's arrival. A party of guests arrive, including the beautiful Blanche Ingram who it is rumoured Rochester will marry. Jane becomes heartbroken at this news, and awaits the marriage proposal, supposing that Rochester loves Blanche.

Rochester proposes

Jane and Rochester on their wedding day

Rather than proposing to Blanche, Rochester confesses his love for Jane and asks her to marry him. Jane is shocked and does not believe him at first but eventually accepts. They prepare for their marriage, Rochester insisting that he wants to marry quickly and quietly. On the day of their wedding, Mr Mason arrives at the Church and declares that Rochester cannot marry as he is already married to his sister, Bertha Mason. Rochester confirms the story by taking Jane to the attic to see his wife, who is mentally unstable and prone to violence.. Rochester exclaims that despite his marriage, he still wants to be with Jane and they could still live together. Jane locks herself in her room, away from everyone so she can think and decide what to do.