Indefinite adjectives - quelque

Indefinite adjectives always come before a noun.

They are usually in agreement with the noun, but some are invariable, meaning that they don’t change.


Quelque means 'some' or 'any':


It can be used with masculine or feminine nouns without the need to change:

  • depuis quelque temps, il est malheureux - he's been unhappy for some time

It is more generally used with plurals. Just add an -s to make it plural (quelques), which means 'some', 'a few' or 'any'. Here are some examples:

  • j’ai passé quelques jours en France - I spent a few days in France
  • je suis allée au cinéma avec quelques amis - I went to the cinema with some friends

Note also these other useful expressions:

quelque chosesomething
quelque partsomewhere