Hockey long pass

A long pass is an attacking skill that allows players to switch the location of the ball very quickly to create space, find a teammate or to catch out the opposition.

Stage one

  • Maintain eye contact with the ball.
  • Point the left shoulder at the intended target.
  • Slightly bend the trunk and keep the head over the ball.
  • Place feet shoulder width apart with knees flexed and keep the ball in line with the front left foot (30-50 cm).
  • Hold the left arm almost straight, flex the right arm and keep the elbow tucked in to the body.

Stage two

  • Step forward onto the front left leg and quickly swing the stick down.
  • Keeping eyes on the ball, the ball should be struck when the left and right hands are vertical.
  • Strike the bottom half of the ball.

Stage three

  • Finish with body weight transferred onto the front foot, the knees flexed, arms extended and the stick extended in the direction of the target.