Hockey push pass

A push pass is an effective and accurate short pass that can be used quickly to maintain possession.

Stage one

  • Hold the stick in the correct position and point the left shoulder at the intended target.
  • Place feet a little wider than shoulder width apart and keep your body weight on the balls of the feet.
  • Place the hockey stick against the middle and lower half of the ball.
  • Ensure that the stick maintains a closed face by slightly turning it towards your body.

Stage two

  • Step with your left leg forward and push the ball with the head of the stick.
  • Extend the left arm and hand to pull the stick forward.
  • Push the right hand through to generate power and direction of the pass.
  • Maintain a still head throughout.

Stage three

  • Hold the position and finish with body weight over the front foot and stick pointing in the direction of the pass.