Great Expectations - Characters overview

Pip, the central character of the novel, meets many other people who affect his life for better or worse. They influence his upbringing, his attitudes, his emotions and, most importantly, his financial position. Pip knows some of them from his home in a small country village; he comes into contact with many others during his time in London. As Charles Dickens uses a first-person narrative in this book, it is important to remember that all the other characters are seen through Pip's eyes and that this may affect our views of them.

Main characters

  • Pip (Philip Pirrip)
  • Estella
  • Magwitch
  • Miss Havisham
  • Joe Gargery

Secondary characters

  • Herbert Pocket
  • Mr Jaggers
  • Wemmick

Minor characters

  • Mrs Joe
  • Orlick
  • Biddy
  • Mr Pumblechook
  • Compeyson
  • Bentley Drummle
  • Molly
  • Mr Wopsle
  • The Pocket family