The badminton basic serve

The badminton serve is the shot selected to begin the point. The serve must be hit from behind the service line and travel diagonally from one side of the court into the opposite service box.

Stage one

  • Stand in position on the balls of your feet, with knees slightly flexed, within the service box.
  • Left elbow should be fully extended at chest height pointing towards the target area you are aiming to return the shuttlecock.
  • Hold the shuttlecock by the feathers, slightly across the body until it is over the inside of the left knee with the base pointing to the floor.
  • Fully extend your right elbow and shoulder backward, so the racket is pointing towards the back of the court line, making sure the head of the racket is below the racket hand.

Stage two

  • Release the shuttlecock slightly in front of you so that it drops in line with your right leg.
  • Transfer your body weight from back to front foot.
  • Swing the racket downwards, driving your arm towards the target.
  • Keep your eyes on the shuttlecock.

Stage three

  • Contact the shuttle at a higher point but still below your waistline.
  • Push the shuttle with the racket maintaining an extended elbow, driving the shuttlecock over the net at a low trajectory.
  • The racket head will follow through pointing towards the target, with the face parallel to the ceiling.