Holiday destinations

The fact that Germany, Austria and Switzerland share their borders with a whole variety of other countries means that it is easy for German speakers to travel around Europe.


Can you remember how to pronounce some popular holiday destinations?

Look at the map and check your answers below.

A map of western Europe and a box showing a smaller map of north America with 12 cities across both continents labelled A to L
A: Chicago, Amerika - Chicago, America
B: Kopenhagen, Dänemark - Copenhagen, Denmark
C: Eindhoven, die Niederlande - Eindhoven, the Netherlands
D: Genf, die Schweiz - Geneva, Switzerland
E: Istanbul, die Türkei - Istanbul, Turkey
F: Nizza, Frankreich - Nice, France
G: Athen, Griechenland - Athens, Greece
H: Rom, Italien - Rome, Italy
I: Wien, Österreich - Vienna, Austriad
J: Warschau, Polen - Warsaw, Poland
K: Saragossa, Spanien - Saragossa, Spain
L: Budapest, Ungarn - Budapest, Hungary

Did you know?

Germans have enjoyed visiting other countries since the Middle Ages, with the famous writer Goethe being especially fond of travel.

A renewed interest in travel came about after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the reunification of Germany. It allowed many Germans the chance to travel freely for the first time.

Although Germans are known for being well-travelled, their top holiday destination is in fact their home country – Deutschland. Little wonder – Germany is a varied country that offers something for everyone, from beach holidays on the Baltic coast in the north to hiking or skiing in the mountains of the south. History and culture lovers are drawn to cities like Berlin, Dresden and Weimar, while foodies can enjoy local delicacies all year round in every part of the country.

Aerial view on town with the mountains 'Zugspitze' and 'Albspitze'
Germany has a lot to offer the traveller