Word processing

Word processors can be used to create any type of text-based document, from a letter to a novel. You can change a document’s appearance using a number of formatting options such as:

  • change the font and font size
  • bold, italicise and underline words
  • colour the text and the background
  • highlight words of importance
Text can be formatted in a word processing document

You can also add tables, images, clip art and shapes to a document. Use formatting sensibly and sparingly.

Mail merge

Mail merge lets you create a template and use it to personalise a document that you’re going to send to lots of people. For example, you write a party invitation that starts ‘Dear James’ and you use James’ name throughout. To turn this invitation into a template, replace all instances of James with a name placeholder. The name placeholder is linked to records in a database that contains all of your guests’ names. Mail merge will use your newly created template to make personalised invitations for all of your guests.