Identifying strengths and areas for development

Once you have gathered data on your performance, it is important to analyse the results. This will help you to identify your strengths and the areas that need development.


A strength from a football observation schedule could be that you have good accuracy when playing passes with your right foot, shown by 95% of passes getting to the intended target/team mate.

Another strength could be an “excellent” category in the Illinois agility test. By recording a best time of 17.3 seconds puts you in the “excellent” category for your age and sex.

If out of ten unopposed lay-ups in a game, you only manage to score 20%, this shows that your right handed lay-up is an area for development.

If during a game of badminton, your coach potted that you were losing your temper and it caused you to make silly mistakes and lose points, this suggests that controlling your anger is an area for development.