Impacts of climate change

Impacts in the UK

Global warming can have negative impacts on the UK:

  • sea levels could rise, covering low lying areas, in particular east England
  • Scottish ski resorts may have to close due to lack of snow
  • droughts and floods become more likely as extreme weather increases
  • increased demand for water in hotter summers puts pressure on water supplies

However, there are some positive impacts from a warmer UK climate.

  • crops such as oranges, grapes and peaches can be grown in the UK
  • winter heating costs will be reduced as winters will be milder
  • accidents on the roads in winter will be less likely to occur

Impacts around the world

Negative impacts of global warming around the world:

  • retreating glaciers
  • sea level rise will affect 80 million people
  • tropical cyclones will increase in magnitude (strength)
  • species in affected areas (eg Arctic) may become extinct
  • diseases such as malaria increase, an additional 280 million people may be affected
  • changing patterns of crop yields, eg wheat - demand is rising, yet global wheat yields are decreasing.

There are also some positive impacts of a warmer climate around the world:

  • energy consumption may decrease due to a warmer climate
  • longer growing season for agriculture
  • frozen regions such as Canada may be able to grow crops
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