Rugby union lineout pass

The lineout pass is the legal way to restart the game if the ball has gone out of play from either of the sidelines.

Stage one

  • Face the lineout and stand on the balls of your feet in opposition – left foot forward.
  • Shift your weight on your front foot, with your knee slightly bent.
  • The right hand should be near the back of the ball with the fingers spread and pointing up.
  • The left hand should be near the front of the ball with fingers spread and pointing up.

Stage two

  • Point the ball at the lineout, raise both arms over your head and bend them slightly at the elbow.
  • Bring your arms behind your head, with your elbows fully bent, close to your head.
  • Weight should be on your front foot, ready for the throw.
  • Bend backwards slightly at the waist.

Stage three

  • Transfer your weight from front foot to back foot and powerfully rock forward.
  • The arms follow this motion, so the entire upper body moves in unison.
  • Release the ball when your body is bent slightly forward at the waist.
  • The dominant hand pushes the ball forward.
  • At the exact same time, slide the right hand down the ball to generate spin.
  • As you follow through, point the hands towards the intended target.