Rugby union tackling techniques

The tackle is an essential skill for winning the ball back in rugby or stopping an attacking player. It is very important to complete it with good timing and technique to prevent injury or accidents.

Stage one

  • Position your body to the opponent's right-hand side (safe side).
  • Position your left foot forward into a slight opposition.

Stage two

  • Make contact by putting your right shoulder into the opponent's mid-right thigh.
  • Make sure your head is on the other side of the ball carrier so their body is between your shoulder and head.
  • Bring your arms up and wrap them around the ball carrier, just above their knees (do not lock your hands together).
  • Squeeze your arms and pull the ball carrier into your body.
  • As you squeeze, push your shoulder into the ball carrier, as though you are trying to push him away with your head.

Stage three

  • Continue pushing until both you and the ball carrier fall to the ground.
  • Keep your head as close as you can to their thigh throughout.