Andrew and Isla have gone to their local youth club. They are reading the latest information about a sports competition.

Riaghailtean nan co-fharpaisean

  • Feumaidh ainmean a bhith aig Iain MacUilleim airson sgiobaidhean ball-coise, iomain agus hocaidh ro 4.00f Diluain 17 Lùnastal.
  • Feumaidh d' ainm a bhith aig Iain MacUilleim airson snàmh no teanas ro 4.00f Dimàirt 18 Lùnastal.
  • Feumaidh brògan-spòrs a bhith air gach neach a tha a' cluich anns an ionad-spòrs, talla na sgoile no an raon teanais.

What does Riaghailtean nan co-fharpaisean mean?

Rules of the competitions.

This requires careful reading: riaghailtean - 'rules', nan - 'of the' and co-fharpaisean - 'competitions'.


What is the deadline for handing in the names of the football, shinty and hockey teams?

Before 4.00pm on Monday 17 August.

Notice that 'before 4.00pm' is ro 4.00f and that f, shortened from feasgar, stands for 'pm'.


Where must you wear trainers, according to the rules?

In the sports centre, school hall and on the tennis court.

ionad place or centre

talla hall

raon field or court

raon-cluiche playing field