Andrew and Isla have gone to their local youth club. They are reading the latest information about a sports competition. Answer the questions about the list. Look at the vocabulary list if you need to.

Co-fharpais Club Òigridh a' Ghearastain - Trì Latha
SnàmhDiardaoin 20 Lùnastal 7.30f gu 9.30fIonad-spòrs
TeanasDiardaoin 20 Lùnastal 5.30f gu 7.00fRaon Teanais
Ball-coise: GilleanDihaoine 6.30f gu 9.30fIonad-spòrs
Ball-coise: NigheananDihaoine 7.30f gu 9.30fTalla na Sgoile
IomainDisathairne 10.30m gu 12.30fRaon-cluiche na Sgoile
Hocaidh (Measgaichte)Disathairne 10.30m gu 12.30fIonad-spòrs

Which events are held on Thursday?

Swimming and tennis.

Snàmh - 'swimming' and teanas - 'tennis'


When does the shinty competition start?


Iomain is the Gaelic for 'shinty'. The competition starts at 10.30m - m is short for madainn, 'morning'.


Where is the girls' football competition held?

In the school hall.

Check the vocabulary list for this section if you need to revise locations.


On which day is the boys' football competition?

It's on 'Friday' – Dihaoine.


How long does the swimming competition last?

Two hours.

7.30f gu 9.30f, gu means 'to'.