Text and Audio

Media in information systems can be used to improve how users understand the information presented. This could mean including interactive animations or simply using different fonts to break up large passages of text.

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Text is very important, as it will be the basis of an information system. A variety of different text fonts and colours can be used:

  • Different font styles should be considered to create emphasis on important information. This can also help to differentiate texts and links.
  • Different font colours should be considered, especially for users who are colour blind or partially sighted.

A variety of fonts and colours will be very beneficial to the user of the information system. This could simply make the layout more appealing to a younger user, make recurring features like links easier to spot. It can be vital in ensuring people who are blind or partially sighted, or who have other accessibility requirements, can read the information.


Audio can be used in many different ways to improve the user experience.

  • Background sound could add to the experience of visiting the website.
  • Sounds can be used for feedback, eg to alert a user that they have entered incorrect information.
  • Sound can improve navigation for blind or partially sighted users or users who cannot read - links can play a sound to indicate that it is a link or to say the name of the link.