Describing the impact of two factors on a performance

The four factors that impact performance are:

Four factors - Physical (two distance runners), Mental (brain), Emotional (tennis player celebrating), Social (hockey team)

  • Physical - including skills, fitness and tactics
  • Mental - including thinking, decision-making, concentration and levels of arousal
  • Emotional - including happiness, anger, fear, trust and surprise
  • Social - including cooperating, teamwork, etiquette and roles/responsibilities

At National 4 level you will be asked to describe how a chosen factor can impact on performance. The impact may be in a positive or negative way.

You may choose to describe the impact on performance from a factor in general terms, such as noting if you are working on a physical factor. Or you may choose to describe how a sub factor from that category impacts on performance. An example of this would be the general factor of mental, from which you can describe the impact of the sub factor of concentration.