Older adults (65 years and over), continued

B group vitamins

B group vitamins help to release energy from food.

The B group vitamin folate is required to make red blood cells.


No more than 6g daily is recommended.

Older adults are at greater risk of developing CVD and high blood pressure if they consume too much sodium.


It is essential that older adults drink plenty of water. Their thirst reflex is not as strong, and this can lead to many older adults forgetting to drink throughout the day.

Water is essential to keep hydrated and to prevent constipation, which is common among this age group. It also helps maintain concentration levels.


Bone density decreases with age, particularly in women. A good intake of calcium is required to help maintain bone mass, and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D aids the absorption of calcium into bones.

During adulthood the action of sunlight on the skin is a good source of vitamin D, however this is not always effective in older adults who may be housebound.

Therefore, good dietary sources and possibly a supplement are required.

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