Treatments for infertility

Fertility drugs

Hormones are given to the female to increase the production of eggs.

This may solve the problem but only if low egg production was the issue.

IVF – in vitro fertilisation


  1. Female is given fertility drugs to increase egg production.
  2. Eggs are surgically collected from the ovaries.
  3. Sperm is collected.
  4. Sperm and egg cells are mixed in the lab.
  5. Female is given hormones to ensure the uterus lining is thick.
  6. Embryos are placed into the uterus.
  7. If successful an embryo/embryos will implant into the uterus lining – the female is pregnant.

Usually only one or two embryos are placed into the uterus to give a balance between ensuring success and avoiding multiple births.

Before placing the embryos into the uterus, it is possible to genetically screen them for abnormalities or check their gender.