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Here is some vocabulary which will help you talk about performance and progress at school.

el comportamientobehaviour
comportarseto behave
el esfuerzoeffort
faltarto be absent
mejorar(se)to improve
las notasmarks
sacar buenas/malas notasto get good/bad marks
hacer progresosto make progress
sobresalienteexcellent, outstanding
el trimestreterm
Top of school report card in Spanish

Read what teachers have written about their pupils' progress and match their comments to the summaries below.

AAn outstanding term's work. A hardworking pupil.
BBehaviour must improve.
CDisappointing. Could do better.
DHas ability but can be lazy. She must take more care with her work.
EMaking good progress but attendance is poor.
FMarks are consistently poor.
GToo chatty. More effort needed.
  1. Estoy un poco decepcionado con las notas que ha conseguido Alonso en matemáticas este trimestre. Sus notas no representan sus aptitudes en la asignatura.
  2. Marisol tiene mucho talento para el francés, pero a veces es un poco perezosa. Debe trabajar con más cuidado.
  3. Enrique es un poco desobediente. Su comportamiento en clase debe mejorarse.
  4. Elena ha sacado muy buenas notas este trimestre. Es muy trabajadora y su trabajo es siempre sobresaliente.
  5. Jaime es algo vago. Puede trabajar bien, pero a veces prefiere charlar con sus amigos. Espero que trabaje con más esfuerzo el trimestre que viene.
  1. C
  2. D
  3. B
  4. A
  5. G


  1. I am a little disappointed with the marks Alonso has achieved in mathematics this term. His marks do not represent his ability in the subject.
  2. Marisol has a lot of ability in French but at times, she is a little lazy. She must work with more care.
  3. Enrique is a little disobedient. His behaviour in class must improve.
  4. Elena has got very good marks this term. She is very hardworking and her work is always excellent.
  5. Jaime is rather idle. He can work well but sometimes prefers to chat with his friends. I hope he will work with more effort next term.